Can Deepdive Help Your Managers Better Engage Their Teams?

Social audio is taking social media by storm as many companies continue to look for ways to create more connection and engagement with their teams. Deepdive launched last week, and  I’ve had an opportunity to explore their solution.

I was on several different discussions talking about what makes social audio different than other social media solutions. We discussed a number of other productivity tools including Office365 that could be supported by a social audio solution.

Social audio solutions transforming business today!

SaaS applications are taking over more and more of the market for enterprise and SMB technology solutions. The good news for business leaders is that most of these solutions are becoming easier to integrate into how you lead and manage your organization.

What I’ve noticed about SaaS solutions that are getting traction today is they have very specific examples of  what clients are using them for.

Can you use a Deepdive solution?

Let me share  several use cases for Deepdive can be used today. Their technology roadmap continues to improve as more users become familiar with their platform.

I’ll provide more information on their pilot programs as it becomes available. They are just wrapping up. They are in the process of adding additional pilots that I will be involved in as Deepdive continues to expand their market presence.

Join Deepdive to help transform your business!

I suggest that you sign up on Deepdive Follow me at  Tripp Braden on Deepdive. I’m doing a series of programs on a number of leadership topics and emerging technologies. Best of all you’ll also be able to interact with me and other subject matter experts to get your questions answered!

Here are several applications I can see for this solution available today.

Deepdive builds online learning  communities. Social mentoring and accelerated learning are at the top of most executives’ priorities for 2021. Deepdive can provide you a social audio community that is almost as simple as plug and play. Your teams are already familiar with their own mobile devices. It takes little time to get your organization up and running.

Deepdive breaks down organizational silos.

Deepdive breaks down organizational silos. The pandemic has broken down walls and silos within many traditional organizations. With many new teams and team members, it’s critical that we reconnect and engage our team members.

Social audio provides a large benefit to team building and camaraderie in many different teams from sales, customer service, manufacturing teams, supply chain, and HR. It builds cross organizational communications.

For example, you can learn more about silo busting in sales at How to Break Team Silos with these 5 Tips. 

Create strong partnerships across the organization.

Deepdive builds stronger cross organizational partnerships. How much easier would it be if you knew people across your organization? Creating a quickly accessible audio intranet can help deepen relationships with people across the organization.

The most effective managers in your organization remove barriers. They are also great internal networkers. Having access to an easy way to communicate with others across the organization provides organizations increased flexibility and agility in how you work with clients and internal stakeholders.

Deepdive get things done more quickly.

To learn more about getting things done more quickly, you might enjoy this article. This article shares 5 Strategies for Getting More Work Done in Less Time 

Deepdive makes communication easier. A quick conversation can help put things back on track. It allows you to reach the people you need when you need them. It also allows for the fact that many of your frontline employees don’t have computers. By leveraging your teams’ mobile devices,  you increase decision making speed and decrease waiting for a response.

Leading change during digital transformation.

Change is coming, change is here, and change is always going to be happening. One of the critical elements in effective change management is having a clear communications strategy. This should include keeping your teams up to date on progress. It should address the needs of different stakeholders across the organization.

With Deepdive you can schedule quick meetings to keep everyone engaged and empowered throughout the change process. By increasing the ongoing communication process through this easy to use social audio platform, you increase the likelihood of your success significantly.

Deepdive supports your communication strategy.

How to Communicate to Facilitate Change in Employee Actions provides a great foundation for how to get the most out of your communication plans. 

Finally, Deepdive provides a just in time learning platform. Deepdive was designed to facilitate social mentoring on your team. So many of today’s careers require ongoing training and development. Deepdive provides access to an audio library that you can share with your teams.

In a hybrid work culture, its critical to have your team members are connected and able to communicate with the right people in real time. Social audio allows for just in time mentoring on different situations.

I recently shared my thoughts on What communication skills are required for great leadership? 

Social mentoring increases learning speed!

For example, your new hire needs a quick answer to a question, she can reach out to a pre-identified mentor who can help her solve the customer’s problem in real time. This is good for a customer. What’s better?

How about capturing this conversation so others with a similar problem can access it when needed? We are leveraging our more senior team members’ expertise and time. With many senior subject matter experts moving toward retirement, wouldn’t it be great to create an audio learning center for your team members?

Different solutions create future leadership!     

We’ve talked about several different solutions that focus on managing your business better today.

What role an cDeepdive have on internal and external communications moving forward. I see significant competitive advantage coming from a flexible audio communications platform. I share why next week.

See you next week. Don’t forget to signup on Deepdive See you there!

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

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