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Anthony Taylor Reveals Retirement Plans in Emotional Message Ahead of Dublin Card

Born on June 23rd, 1989, Anthony Taylor has come a long way from where he started. Celebrity boxing has garnered a huge fanbase worldwide and Taylor is one of the most popular boxers of this newly formed industry. However, the 34-year-old recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, which has caught fans’ attention.

‘Pretty Boy’ will not only be part of KSI’s next boxing Misfits card which will be taking place in Dublin, Ireland, but he will also face KSI as his opponent on August 31. Ahead of that, the California native revealed through an Instagram post, that he is planning to retire soon.

Retirement? Or just a retirement plan?


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Anthony Taylor started his combat sports career through MMA fights in Bellator. He was very close to getting a contract from the UFC, but Jake Paul sent him a solid offer to become his sparring partner. Following that, he got one opportunity after another featuring many times on several Misfits’ celebrity boxing events, and there was nothing stopping him. Eventually, he became the current Misfits Boxing light-heavyweight champion. But now Taylor has decided to hang his gloves. 

In a recent Instagram post, he wrote a big caption announcing his retirement. He thanked the people who have helped him in life. Interestingly, the list also included KSI’s name, and Taylor wrote, “And personally I want to say THANK YOU to you @ksi Notting is never personal between us and you know it. I just want to kick your A$$ in the ring and vice versa. Thank you for allowing me to use your platform as well to grow and help build misfits…”

However, he has not revealed a specific date or time regarding his retirement. He added, “I’m going to be retiring soon. But not this year Lmaoo but soon…” Taylor mentioned that he hopes he can continue to be a part of Misfits in some way when he’s done fighting. Talking about Taylor’s next fight, there’s an interesting turn for the next Misfits boxing event in Dublin that he is set to headline.

KSI’s strange rules fight against Anthony Taylor


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British Youtuber turned celebrity boxer KSI was last seen inside the squared circle last year when he lost to Tommy Fury. However, he has plans to make a comeback in August. But the question is, who is he going to fight? Of course, it is Anthony Taylor, but there’s a twist when it comes to rules. 


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KSI shared a post recently where he revealed that he will be going up against Anthony Taylor and Slim Albaher in a 2 vs 1 bout. KSI stated, “I want to challenge myself, so I’m going to fight a person that’s been on my case for ages. So, I will be fighting Slim and Anthony Taylor in a 2 vs. 1 handicap tag team match. Both of you against me. You have 24 hours to accept. Let’s do this.” It seems Anthony Taylor for his part has accepted KSI’s offer to headline the event. 

The British boxer always looks for new challenges. Back in 2022, he fought Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda on the same night. Now he wants to get into a 2 vs 1 tag team match. Well, only time will tell how it plays out for him. What are your thoughts about Anthony Taylor’s retirement though? Share it in the comments below. 

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