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Best Healthy Eating & Nutrition Podcasts

As a nutrition coach and specialist, I listen to a lot of podcasts. I find that not only are podcasts convenient, since I can listen to them in the car or as I meal prep, but they are super entertaining.

As a bonus, they’re a valuable resource for clients! For example, when I found a podcast episode about tricks to establish new eating habits, I shared that with a client with whom I’d discussed the importance of creating habits to reach goals.  

That’s why we’re covering credible podcasts packed with trustworthy advice for nutrition experts. In this article, I’m sharing top podcasts that cover a wide range of topics related to food, diet, and overall wellness. Whether you’re a nutritionist looking to stay up-to-date with trends like supplements and intermittent fasting, or if you are someone who wants practical advice, we picked something for everyone. 

How did we go about choosing these podcasts? We considered the following details: 

  • Expert Insights: The podcasts allow you to gain access to valuable information shared by professionals who specialize in nutrition and wellness. 
  • Practical Tips: You’ll learn actionable strategies that you can easily implement in your daily life or your business. 
  • Inspiration: You’ll hear success stories from individuals who have transformed their wellness and nutrition through behavior change, nutrition science, eating habits, their relationship with food, and more. 
  • Latest Research: The podcasts include the latest scientific findings and trends in the world of nutrition. 

Note: Some podcasts are mentioned more than once throughout the article because they fit into multiple categories. 

Best Overall Nutrition Podcasts 

We chose the best overall nutrition podcasts after thorough consideration of several factors: 

  • Host Expertise: The host’s background, education, and experience in the field of nutrition. 
  • Credibility: The use of evidence-based information and reputable guest experts. 
  • Listener Reviews: Positive feedback and high ratings from the podcast audience. 

Below are the top contenders in this category: 

1. ZOE Science & Nutrition 

ZOE CEO Jonathan Wolf hosts a show where leading scientists present accessible explanations of the latest health, nutrition, and gut health research to aid in weight loss and health improvement. Jonathan interviews experts in their field, starting out with short key questions that entice you to continue listening. The topics range from gut health issues to nutrition behavior and epigenetics. While the topics may seem complex, the conversational format makes it easy to understand and entertaining.  

2. Nutrition Nerd 

No matter your background, sometimes nutrition terms can seem complex. This podcast is a great way to keep up with trends and is a great resource for clients and nutritionists alike. The episodes are short and sweet, allowing you to feel more prepared and educated after only a few minutes. The host, Delancey Prince, offers bite-sized episodes teeming with the latest nutrition terms and concepts. This podcast stands out for its ability to distill complex topics into manageable insights accessible to all. 

3. The Proof with Simon Hill 

Simon Hill expertly navigates discussions on the sustainability benefits of exercise, nutrition, mindfulness. This podcast takes a holistic but science-backed approach to wellness and nutrition. His approach is rooted in scientific research, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of plant-based nutrition and holistic health. 

4. Sound Bites: A Nutrition Podcast 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Melissa Joy Dobbins hosts this podcast which showcases credible food and nutrition information based on facts. By featuring interviews with leading experts, listeners are treated to a range of topics from diet myths and cravings to nutritional breakthroughs.  


Each podcast offers unique perspectives and invaluable content for anyone looking to improve their nutritional knowledge. Aspiring holistic nutritionists might find additional insights by exploring our blog on the Top 13 Podcasts for Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaches.  

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Best Plant-Based Nutrition Podcasts 

When it comes to finding the best plant-based nutrition podcasts, two key factors came into play: the podcasters have a strong commitment to plant-based principles, and they deliver the informative content in an engaging and practical way. These podcasts dive deep into the world of plant-based diets and lifestyles, offering valuable insights on adopting and maintaining a vegan diet. 

1. The Proof with Simon Hill 

One standout podcast in this realm is The Proof with Simon Hill. This podcast takes a comprehensive approach to discussing the health and longevity benefits associated with plant-based diets, inspired by his best-selling book The Proof is In the Plants. Listeners can gain valuable knowledge on plant-based nutrition and on integrating it with exercise and mindfulness to optimize their well-being. 

2. Food Heaven Made Easy 

Another notable plant-based eating podcast is Food Heaven Made Easy, hosted by RDNs Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones. What sets this podcast apart is its unique perspective on plant-based eating, which is rooted in principles like Health at Every Size® (HAES) and intuitive eating. Listeners can expect actionable advice on incorporating plant-based meals into their daily lives while promoting mental health and wellness. 


By the way, if you’re interested in advancing your knowledge in nutrition, you may find value in exploring nutrition certification programs offered by AFPA Fitness. They provide answers to frequently asked questions about their nutrition certification programs, helping you make an informed decision about your educational path. 

Both podcasts mentioned above are dedicated to delivering quality content through engaging discussions that resonate with both newcomers and seasoned followers of plant-based nutrition. 

Best Nutrition Science Podcasts 

When it comes to nutrition science podcasts, the top choices focus on delivering evidence-based research and scientific studies in an easily digestible manner. The hosts provide clear explanations of new research findings, helping listeners to keep abreast of the rapidly evolving field of nutritional science. 

1. Chris Masterjohn’s Podcast 

Chris Masterjohn, a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, has the uncanny ability to translate complex scientific concepts into practical ideas for vibrant health. You’ll find his podcasts are accessible and easy to comprehend. His podcast is a treasure trove of information on a wide range of topics, from vitamins and minerals to the role of genetics in nutrition. 

2. ZOE Science and Nutrition 

There’s a reason why this is one of our favorite nutrition podcasts andappears three times on this list! This podcast presents the latest scientific discoveries in the field of nutrition and offers a deep dive into the individualized aspects of health and wellness. The team at ZOE uses data-driven insights to explore how our bodies respond differently to food, creating personalized nutrition plans for optimal health. 

3. Nutrition Nerd 

As a self-professed nutrition nerd, this podcast keepsme, a nutrition specialist, hooked! Hosted by Delancey Prince, this podcast informs listeners about the latest nutrition terms and concepts. Prince’s approach is unique as she sifts through endless articles and studies, selecting only what’s worth reading, saving you time while keeping you informed.  

Best Podcasts for Nutritionists and Health Coaches 

As you know, nutritionists and health coaches play a crucial role in guiding individuals toward healthier lifestyles. When choosing podcasts for nutritionists and health coaches, we know you already know a lot. So, for us at AFPA, it was important to look for podcasts that offer valuable insights for your coaching practice by ensuring they are hosted by credible experts. Here are some of our top recommendations: 

1. Food Heaven Made Easy 

As a nutritionist or health coach, you likely know that a big barrier to our clients’ ability to improve their health and wellness can be a disordered relationship with food. Intuitive eating is one approach that may help heal that relationship..  

Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, both Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, co-host this podcast. They explore topics such as Health at Every Size® (HAES), intuitive eating principles, and the intersection of nutrition with mental health acceptance. The hosts’ professional backgrounds lend authority to their discussions, making this podcast a valuable resource for those looking to enrich their nutritional coaching practices. 

2. ZOE Science and Nutrition 

For a deep dive into cutting-edge nutritional science that can inform coaching strategies, the ZOE Science and Nutrition podcast is an excellent choice. The show breaks down complex scientific concepts into actionable advice that coaches can use to personalize nutrition plans for their clients. Visit their website to explore episodes that discuss the latest research on gut health, metabolic responses, and individual variability in nutrition. 


By staying up-to-date through these podcasts for nutrition coaches, professionals can ensure they provide the most current and effective guidance in their practice. 

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Best Podcasts for Nutrition for Fitness and Muscle Building 

When looking for the best podcasts for fitness and muscle building, we considered the integrative approach to nutrition and exercise science along with the credibility of expert guests.  

Here are some of our recommendations for those who are looking to maximize or support fitness and muscle building though nutrition.  

1. The Key Nutrition Podcast 

Hosted by Brad Jensen, this podcast offers a balanced view on fitness and nutrition. One of the reasons why this podcast is so compelling is because Brad discusses his personal journey of overcoming addiction and becoming a renowned health coach. Throughout the podcast episodes, he provides practical insights into fitness, nutrition, and mindset. During one of our favorite episodes, he discusses the significance of protein intake in achieving fitness goals. 

2. Female Athlete Nutrition 

In the male-dominated fitness space, sometimes we’re interest in a female’s perspective on topics like workouts, menopause, carbs, obesity, and more.

This podcast, hosted by Sports Dietitian for the NCAA Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes, is an awesome choice. Emphasizing the importance of nutrition in supporting fitness goals, the hosts discuss female-specific nutrition and training strategies. It also addresses tricky subjects faced by female athletes such as risk of disordered eating, under-fueling, and amenorrhea, providing valuable advice for women looking to optimize their athletic performance. 

3. Mastering Nutrition 

For those of us who like to hear a bit more about the science behind nutrition and its impact on fitness, this is a fascinating podcast. Ensuring a scientific approach to fitness, Chris Masterjohn’s podcast focuses on translating complex science into practical ideas for fitness and overall health. It offers an in-depth analysis of various research studies and their implications on exercise and muscle building. 

4. Burn it Nutrition Podcast  

Another noteworthy podcast is “Burn it Nutrition Podcast”, which creatively combines health/fitness advice with motivational stories. Host Joseph Navarro’s unique approach helps listeners stay engaged while learning about the role of nutrition in fitness. For example, the podcast provides insights on how to prevent injuries during marathon season, which is crucial for individuals engaged in endurance training. 


Remember, while these podcasts can provide excellent fitness and nutrition tips, always consult with a healthcare provider before making significant changes to your diet or exercise regimen. 

Best Podcasts to Improve Your Relationship with Food 

Nutrition is just one aspect of a broader wellness strategy that includes mental health, physical activity, and self-care. Improving your relationship with food is key to achieving balanced nutrition and overall wellness. Here, we chose podcasts that encourage intuitive eating by listening to your body’s hunger and satisfaction cues rather than adhering to restrictive diets like keto.

1. Sound Bites: A Nutrition Podcast  

Hosted by Melissa Joy Dobbins, a renowned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, we chose this podcast because it provides listeners with credible, science-based food information. While not a podcast to improve your relationship with food per se, it approaches the topic in an informative, balanced, no-shame way. It delves into the science of nutrition and health while promoting a balanced approach to eating, and the information can be combined with the mental work that goes into supporting your relationship with food. 

2. Find Your Food Voice 

Guided by the principles of Health at Every Size® (HAES) and intuitive eating, this podcast aims to help listeners break free from diet culture and appreciate their bodies. We love this podcast, hosted by Julie Duffy Dillon, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Eating Disorder Specialist, because it takes a compassionate approach toward understanding people’s relationships with food and their body while working toward healing it. 

3. Get INTUIT with Gila 

Gila Glassberg’s podcast is dedicated to helping individuals build a healthier relationship with food by exploring and explaining intuitive eating principles. It covers various topics such as body image, emotional eating, and navigating societal pressures around dieting. We adore this podcast because it is uplifting and it reminds us that we cannot achieve balanced nutrition and holistic wellness without a positive relationship with food.  


Each of these podcasts offers unique insights into improving your relationship with food. They provide supportive platforms where listeners can gain practical tools and strategies to cultivate healthier food habits without fear or judgment. 

Best Podcasts for Nutrition Newbies 

Entering the world of nutrition can be daunting for beginners. With a vast array of complex topics ranging from macronutrients to dietary patterns, the right podcast can offer a bit of clarity. The selection criteria for the best podcasts for nutrition newbies hinges on the delivery of easy-to-understand content and practical tips that translate into everyday choices, which you can use to expand upon ideas discussed in coaching sessions. 

1. The Nutrition Translator Podcast 

The Nutrition Translator Podcast stands out as a very useful resource for those new to nutrition. Host Colleen McCarthy, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher, bridges the gap between science and real-world application by, you guessed it, translating nutrition concepts into straight forward language.  

Listeners can expect to explore topics such as neuroscience, psychology, and food choices, while maintaining a focus on plant-based nutrition.  

2. Thinking Nutrition 

Dr. Tim Crowe’s Thinking Nutrition podcast simplifies the latest research in nutrition and breaks it down into plain language. This approach makes it an ideal starting point for anyone seeking to understand nutritional science without being overwhelmed by jargon or technical details. The podcast covers a broad range of topics from dietary myths and fads to evidence-based guidelines for healthy eating. 


Both podcasts are tailored to inspire confidence in listeners, empowering them with knowledge that paves the way toward making informed dietary decisions. Whether you’re trying to decipher complex nutritional advice or just looking for beginner-friendly tips on healthy eating, tuning into these podcasts can provide you with a solid foundation in nutrition basics. 

Diving into the world of nutrition podcasts reveals a wealth of knowledge and perspectives that cater to every interest and need. While the top picks offer a solid foundation, other recommended nutrition podcasts should not be overlooked. Listeners are encouraged to embrace the diversity of available content, as each podcast brings its unique blend of expertise, storytelling, and research to the table. 

Here are some other nutrition podcasts worth checking out: 

  • Health Quest Podcast explores the science behind nutrition in support of overall health. 
  • For those in parenting roles, Sunny Side Up Nutrition provides practical advice for managing nutrition for toddlers and teens. 
  • 180 Nutrition | The Health Sessions features health discussions with individuals sharing real-life experiences and outcomes. 
  • Burn It Nutrition Podcast combines health and fitness information with engaging soundscapes and stories for motivation. 
  • The Thrival Nutrition Podcast emphasizes the use of real food for tangible health improvements. 
  • The Nutrition Farming Podcast delves into increasing the nutrient density and medicinal value of produce. 

Listeners with varied interests might find these options align with their personal or professional goals. As you explore further, consider integrating newfound knowledge from these sources into your daily life.  

Main Takeaways 

Stay Updated with the Latest in Nutritional Science through Podcasts 

Staying up to date with the latest in nutritional science can be overwhelming with constant social media buzz, new research, and studies. Podcasts can be a helpful way to keep your mind on nutrition, food, and wellness while absorbing new perspectives and insights.  

By hopping on Apple Podcasts or Spotify as part of your routine, you’ll current with the ever-changing world of nutritional science. Additionally, sharing podcasts with clients is an effective resource for enhancing sessions.  

What podcasts would you add to this list? 

Sasha AparicioSasha Aparicio

About the Author

Sasha Aparicio, M.S.

Sasha Aparicio, MS, is a Food and Nutrition Anthropologist with a BA from Tufts University, and an MS in Food and Nutrition from the University of San Carlos. Sasha is a Certified Nutrition Coach and an experienced adult educator, university professor, instructional designer, program director, content writer, researcher, and health content strategist. Throughout her career, she has worked in international development, public health, consumer qualitative research, and nutrition program management, among others.

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Holistic NutritionistUltimate Guide to Becoming a Holistic Nutritionist

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