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Bradley Martyn’s Reputation in Shambles as Sean O’Malley Leaks Embarrassing Details of Secret Logan Paul Fight

Logan Paul recently gained some steam on social media after he posted a video. The video showed the aftermath of a sparring match between him and social media influencer Bradley Martyn, who famously claims to be able to beat MMA fighters. Interestingly, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley seems to know a great deal about what went down during that fight.

Bradley Martyn has sparred with combat sports athletes or people with martial arts backgrounds on multiple occasions and fans have seen most of them, which we can’t say for his supposed fight against Logan Paul. But guess what? Martyn’s close friend Sean O’Malley appears to have some inside information on what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Sean O’Malley claims Bradley Martyn’s fight against Logan Paul lasted just a minute


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In the video clip shared by Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn on social media, it appears as though the influencer might have been humbled. It was the WWE United States Champion who was looking confident, which is something that Sean O’Malley witnessed when he watched that clip. He already shared a hint of how the fight may have turned out.

“Logan’s damn near as big as f***ing Brad. From the video, you can kinda tell if Logan would have lost, it probably wouldn’t have been that kinda, you know, just from their energies at the moment, you could kinda tell Logan won,” Sean O’Malley stated on his YouTube channel. Not only that, but the bantamweight champion also spoke with Paul’s Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak about what happened, and got to know that 60 seconds was all Logan Paul to seal the win.

“I talked to Mike [Majlak]. I don’t want to spill too much juice… it was probably a little quick [when the fight ended], I messaged buddy Brad. Made sure there were no injuries but… I heard it last about 60 seconds… I know exactly what the f*** happened, buddy,” Sean O’Malley added. While this might be an embarrassing situation for Bradley Martyn, given that he’s as big as anyone can be physically, his problems with Logan Paul came to an end.


Following the end of the fight, it looked like the tensions between Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn had just disappeared as they embraced each other with hugs. “Good stuff,” the fitness influencer would say, following which ‘The Maverick’ would appear thankful for the experience. He would later hint in a statement that settling beef like the way he did always works out in the end.


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“Thanks for letting that happen. Sometimes, bro, boys gotta be boys, man,” said Logan Paul. That part’s sorted, but Martyn would find himself in the limelight for slapping a YouTuber who tried a prank on him. But Logan Paul isn’t a proper fighter, even though he has a wrestling background because Martyn wanted to fight some UFC fighters, too.

Martyn failed to trigger Nate Diaz and Demetrious Johnson

Of course, Bradley Martin’s claims about beating up smaller UFC fighters is something that everybody’s acquainted with. But the fitness influencer never got the chance to prove that. Martyn would once have Nate Diaz on his podcast, where he’d drop the question of what would happen if he fought the Stockton native. Without skipping a beat, the former UFC fighter would say he’d easily beat him. However, they never got the chance to square off, probably because Diaz wasn’t interested in such a skirmish.


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Then, Bradley Martyn would also claim that he could manhandle and crush Demetrious Johnson, one of the MMA greats, which received a response from ‘Mighty Mouse’. There was a verbal response but the only response fans cared about was a recent BJJ match, where the former UFC and current ONE Championship star would take on a much bigger, 250-pound opponent and defeat him. This certainly busted all those myths about smaller guys in MMA.

It will be interesting what more drama Bradley Martyn finds himself in the future after the Logan Paul fight. Meanwhile, what do you make of Sean O’Malley’s account of the off-camera sparring session? Drop your comments below.

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