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Conor Kenny Reviews a New Learn-to-Earn Crypto Presale with 100x Potential

The new Learn-to-Earn token, $99BTC, keeps doing well in its presale, with more experts, including Conor Kenny, considering its high upside potential.

Experts are optimistic about the new cryptocurrency because of its Learn-to-Earn feature and 99Bitcoin’s popularity as a top crypto learning platform.

This has helped $99BTC raise over $2 million in its ongoing ICO and is viewed as one of the best crypto presales to buy right now.

99Bitcoins: A decade of crypto education now offers Learn-to-Earn opportunities

99Bitcoins stands out as a leading platform for crypto and Bitcoin education, serving as a valuable resource for newcomers and experienced traders alike for over ten years.

Established in 2013, before Ethereum’s launch, the platform provides an extensive array of educational materials, covering topics from basic queries like “What is Bitcoin?” to advanced trading strategies for seasoned investors.

With nearly 3 million subscribers and an additional 700k subscribers on its YouTube channel, 99Bitcoins has garnered a substantial following.

In response to the ongoing crypto bull market, the company has introduced its own Learn-to-Earn token – $99BTC. This token is crafted to incentivize learning, offering various benefits and passive income opportunities to its holders.

$99BTC presale raises $2 million milestone with high investor interest

The 99Bitcoins presale has reached the $2 million mark, attracting interest from both smart-money traders and retail investors. Experts suggest that $99BTC has significant upside potential and could become the next 10x crypto. In this scenario, early presale buyers will see the highest returns.

For example, the current $99BTC price is $0.00108, but it will rise significantly after the current presale stage ends on Tuesday. $99BTC offers notable benefits to token holders, including trading signals and strategies that could be transformative in a bull market.

Additionally, holders can join VIP groups and receive mentoring, alpha calls on new crypto gems, and high-potential trading setups. They can also access exclusive training courses. 99Bitcoins has introduced its own staking protocol, which currently offers passive income at over 800% APY.

Furthermore, 99Bitcoins has launched an airdrop campaign where 99 lucky winners will share $99,999 in Bitcoin, averaging over $1,000 per winner. With experts predicting an upcoming Bitcoin super cycle, this airdrop could turn into a substantial gain.

Interested participants can visit the 99Bitcoins website and use the Gleam widget to enter. Buyers can also use the over-the-counter widget on the website to purchase the $99BTC token.

As an ERC-20 token during the presale, investors can easily swap ETH or ERC-20 USDT to acquire $99BTC. Alternatively, they can use BNB, though they won’t benefit from the presale staking.

You can explore the potential future of 99Bitcoins through our 99Bitcoins price prediction.

$99BTC: Investor confidence driven by fundamentals, tokenomics, and audit

Besides offering attractive rewards, $99BTC boasts robust fundamentals, which are bolstering investor confidence. Currently adhering to the ERC-20 standard, $99BTC facilitates maximum adoption during its ongoing presale. However, it will soon transition to a BRC-20 token via the Ordinals protocol.

99BTC To BRC20 Platform99BTC To BRC20 Platform

BRC-20 tokens are highly sought after in the current bullish market, and 99Bitcoins has the potential to stand out as a top contender in the sector due to its strong foundation. Embracing a community-centric approach to tokenomics, $99BTC has not allocated tokens separately for its developer team or conducted any private sale.

Out of the total token supply, 10.5% has been set aside for the presale, while staking and community rewards will receive 14% and 17%, respectively. Additionally, 23% of the tokens are earmarked for the project’s marketing strategy, with an extra 27.5% allocated for project funds.

Furthermore, 8% of the supply will be reserved for token liquidity following its exchange listings. To address any security concerns, the $99BTC smart contract has undergone a thorough audit, the results of which are available on the 99Bitcoins website along with its whitepaper.

Investors are encouraged to stay updated by following the 99Bitcoins X and Telegram accounts for the latest developments. To participate in the $99BTC token presale, visit 99Bitcoins.com.


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