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Elite Powerlifter and Bench Press Legend Reveals Secrets to Fix Your Bench

Many individuals face issues and take up the wrong form while doing a bench press. Now, elite powerlifter Johnmark Blakley, aka JM Blakley, has shed light on a solution to this problem. Blakley was asked a question in a recent YouTube video on the channel Elitefts about how to fix the situation where your belly and chest go down as the bar gets closer.

Before delving into the solution, Blakley highlighted that lifting your head while doing a bench press was considered illegal back in his day. But now, in modern times, the “guys have learned how to bench that way.” Let’s find out what was considered illegal and is now legal, and might help you fix your form.

The elite powerlifter shares two basic tips to fix your form


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Blakley mentioned that the first way to fix the aforementioned issue is to “heave.” In this technique, you need to focus and push the bottom of your sternum and rib cage into the bar for better results. 

Blakely shared that one solution is to “tuck and touch and then rock and heave.” Then the elite powerlifter fixed the form of his disciple. He advised him to come forward as the bar came down and neared his chest. But as soon as you lift the bar, go back to the actual position that you were in.

The second solution shared by the elite powerlifter was very simple and basic. “Another solution is get a looser shirt that lets it touch,” he said. Blakely explained, “To pull this up with your lats because the bar is going to stay here, yeah, you could do that, or you can move the whole system this way and touch it down there and rock it up.


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Well, it isn’t just Blakely who has given some valuable tips on fixing your bench press. Earlier, the Exercise Scientist also shared his insights on the same. 

The Exercise Scientist follows the same approach as the elite powerlifter

Dr. Mike Israetel, a former powerlifter and PhD holder, highlighted the fact that he hasn’t been hurt in bench press since he started lifting weights. The Exercise Scientist emphasized learning the arch and retract technique, just like the elite powerlifter shared. The bodybuilding critic advised his audience to stay away from the shoulder flared-out approach or the “football program and high school bench press.


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He also shared the correct form if you want to do the arch and retract. Israetel wants gymgoers to start by walking their scapulae towards their hips and making an arch. Then, he recommends that they maintain the arch throughout the lift, advising them to keep the bar at the minimum height. Dr. Mike concluded and said, “Grab the bar; notice the bar is going to lay pretty low. If you reach up, you lose all that sh*t.

These are a few techniques through which you can fix your bench press forms. Since the elite powerlifter and the Exercise Scientist share the same approach to fixing the form, will you be adding these tips to your bench press? Let us know in the comments.

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