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These Are the 7 Knives Serious Eats Staffers Swear By

At the end of the day (or meal), it’s the cook who makes the food, but the tools play important roles, too. We should know—we spend all day every day reviewing kitchen equipment to find the best of the best, from woks to toaster ovens. It only makes sense that our staffers also feel passionately about the tools they reach for regularly at home. 

Today, we’re talking knives. They can feel like an extension of your hand…or, conversely, cumbersome and hard to chop with. (Of course, you don’t want the latter!). We’re fans of curating your own knife set based on things like your cooking style and skill level, but if you want some inspiration, here are the knives our editors use to slice, chop, and dice. For most of these, our editors have owned them for years and years. We think they’ll stand the test of time in your own kitchen, too.

Editor-Favorite Knives at a Glance

Misono UX10 Chef’s Knife


There are few kitchen workhorses quite like the humble-yet-versatile chef’s knife. The Misono UX10 is loved by Serious Eats editors across the board, and for good reason. Not only did it ace our tests with its super sharp and durable blade, but it holds up to daily use. It’s beloved by several of our editors, including culinary editor Genevieve Yam who calls this knife her “go-to chef’s knife.” In our tests, the super-sharp edge easily cut paper-thin slices of smoked salmon and smoothly diced an onion as if it were Jell-O. Lucky for you, it’s on sale right now.

Tojiro DP Petty/Utility Knife


For small-handed cooks, the petty knife (sometimes called a utility knife) is a blessing. With blades between five-and-a-half and six inches long, petty knives are nimble and versatile, making them perfect for “tackling everyday tasks like cutting fruit or slicing meat and cheese for happy hour,” Genevieve says. Commerce editor Grace Kelly agrees, and says the Tojiro DP petty knife has been in regular use for three years and counting. She uses it to “mince shallots, slice scallions, supreme citrus, and more.”

Hedley & Bennett Utility Knife


Another great utility knife is the Hedley & Bennett utility knife, which commerce editor Rochelle Bilow swears by. “It’s hands down (knives down?), my most-used knife,” she says. “It’s perfect for just about anything that’s not hacking at a spaghetti squash. I’ll admit: I love the fun colored handles, too. Mine is Capri Blue!” With a 5.6-inch long blade, it’s a speck shorter than the Tojiro petty knife’s 6-inch blade, in case you’re looking for something smaller.. 

Tojiro F-737 Bread Slicer


For sourdough fans, a great bread knife is necessary for slicing through all those loaves. Editorial director Daniel Gritzer is particularly fond of our top bread knife, the Tojiro F-737 bread slicer, saying it “for sure” has a place in the daily drivers list. The Tojiro bread knife has a 14.5-inch long blade that’s light and flexible, yet can cut through thick crust with ease. At $38, it’s an attractive price. (Note: Serrated blades will not last forever, as they’re a pain to sharpen and will eventually dull and need to be replaced. But we do think the Tojiro’s slicing prowess means it deserves a spot on this list!) 

Misono Swedish Carbon Steel Gyutou


“I also love my carbon steel Misono Gyutou knife,” Daniel says. It’s been in his knife bag for years. Carbon steel actually stays sharper than stainless steel for much longer. While it takes extra care—don’t even think about leaving it in the sink—this knife is so sharp that it can produce see-through slices of shallot.

Global Knives 7-Inch Vegetable Knife


For vegetable-forward diets, a Nakiri knife is essential. Since Nakiri knives are designed with a squared-off blade that’s rounded at the tip, ensuring clean slices of vegetables, every time. Commerce writer An Uong (hi, that’s me!) is a vegetarian and has used a Nakiri knife like the Global vegetable knife for years. While her go-to isn’t in stock, the Global, which aced our tests, is comparable and has a super sharp blade that can smoothly slice through even the thickest sweet potatoes.

Opinel No. 8 Stainless Steel Folding Knife


Outdoor adventurers, rejoice! The Opinel stainless steel folding knife is the perfect companion to your picnics and camping trips. An has used this knife for over eight years to prep vegetables by the campfire and slice cheese at the beach. Since it easily folds and locks, you can carry it around in your bag with peace of mind knowing it won’t accidentally pop open. Eating and cooking outside is a breeze with this folding knife that’s easy to clean and a joy to look at.

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