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WAYNE ROOT: I’m a Witness to History. Democrats Don’t Understand It Yet, But President Trump Just Clinched Victory in Nevada. And If Trump Wins Nevada, He Wins the Presidency. | The Gateway Pundit

By Wayne Allyn Root

I am blessed. I was a witness to history this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Because I believe President Donald J. Trump just clinched victory in Nevada. And most political experts believe whoever wins Nevada will win the presidency.

I was in a unique position to see it all. President Trump was in Las Vegas for a weekend of big campaign events. I was honored to be an opening speaker for President Trump on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night President Trump wowed a star-studded crowd of Nevada GOP donors. About 1,000 donors attended the event at the exclusive Ahern Hotel in Las Vegas- owned by business mogul Don Ahern and his wife Carolyn. The event was opened by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and myself. Then Don Ahern had the honor of introducing President Trump.

Sunday morning President Trump held an outdoor public rally at a park in Las Vegas. It was over 100 degrees. The media predicted a low turnout in such intense heat. But 10,000 to 15,000 turned out. The lines were a mile long to get in. It was a remarkable display of support and loyalty to President Trump. Nevada loves Trump!

I was an opening speaker for the massive Trump Sunday rally as well. You can watch my speech here:

The most unique takeaways of this remarkable weekend were…

First, I had the chance to spend time with President Trump both days. Democrats have tried to destroy him. He is superhuman. No other man in world history could face such persecution and come out stronger. The man looks and sounds fantastic. He is in great spirits- despite never-ending witch-hunts, rigged trials, the preposterous guilty verdict, and the prospect of facing prison when sentenced in July. How is this possible?

God works miracles.

I keep saying Trump is touched by God. He is “the chosen one.” Chosen by God to take the slings and arrows for all of us. This past week was the proof. Trump raised an all-time record $400 million dollars in a week after the guilty verdict. Folks, this is a miracle. This is God at work!

But it’s not just about money. It’s about love. The crowds at both Vegas events were huge and enthusiastic. People love President Trump. And that love makes Trump stronger. That’s the key to his superhuman strength and mindset.

Second, I was one of the few to witness both events up close and personal. The Saturday night fundraiser with 1,000 doners could not have been more different than the Sunday rally outdoors in the intense heat. One event featured an audience of wealthy donors in fancy suits and dresses. The other had an audience of working class and middle-class voters in shorts and T-shirts.

Yet both these very different audiences treated President Trump with the same love, passion, and reverence. The love and passion for Trump was the same among rich donors, lawyers, doctors, CEOs, bankers and Ivy Leaguers, as among a crowd of working-class casino employees the next day. They all see Trump as a hero sacrificing his life to make America great again. Both groups understand he’s taking the arrows for us.

Patriotic Americans from all walks of life appreciate Trump and feel his pain. We bleed for Trump.

The media can’t change that. Rigged judges and juries can’t change that. A guilty verdict can’t change that. Actually, all of that makes our bond stronger!

There was one more remarkable takeaway from the weekend- Trump’s teleprompter broke from the first minute he walked on the stage at the massive Sunday rally. Trump was forced to speak off the top of his head, with no notes, for over an hour. He was at his best without teleprompter.

The man is 78 years old on Friday (Flag Day). His schedule would exhaust any 20-year-old. He faces prison. And he didn’t miss a beat with a broken teleprompter. He wasn’t even phased. Trump is amazing and remarkable- for any age. Nothing stops Trump. He is relentless!

Please imagine Joe Biden with a sudden broken teleprompter. He’d mumble, curse, call for Jill, turn the wrong way, trip and stumble off the stage. End of event.

Now to the most important part of the story. Clueless Democrats don’t understand it yet, but Trump just clinched Nevada.

Trump announced at his Sunday rally that once elected as the 47thpresident of the United States, he will eliminate taxes on tips for service workers. That means working class Nevadans like waiters, waitresses, hostesses, concierges, bellhops, and car valets will no longer pay taxes on tips. The entire Las Vegas operates on tips. Trump just won most of their votes.

Trump just gave every service worker a raise. Who’d be dumb enough to vote against that? A vote for Trump is a vote for keeping more of your hard-earned money. Trump just won over the Las Vegas union rank and file.

Before Trump’s announcement, he was already up 6 to 12 points in Nevada. Nevada loves Trump. Both events this weekend prove that!

But with this announcement, Trump just clinched victory in Nevada. Afterall, Nevada has the highest percentage of service workers in the nation. And most political experts believe whoever wins Nevada wins the presidency.

But there are millions of service workers in all 50 states. Trump just promised all of them higher take home pay! That should put Trump over the top in every battleground state, not just Nevada.

Trump proved again he fights for working Americans. Biden and Democrats fight for illegal aliens.

I predict this weekend goes down in history as the turning point in the 2024 presidential campaign.

I am blessed to have been a witness to all of it. I am a witness to the greatness of Trump.

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